Primetime Partners

Our mission is to redefine how we age and improve the quality of living for older adults by partnering with  the leading innovators in longevity.

About Us

We invest in the future of how we age.

We are an early-stage venture capital fund that incubates and invests in the people and companies that transform the quality of living for older adults.

Longevity impacts every sector of our global economy and is a $8.3 trillion dollar market opportunity. Primetime partners with relentless founders and organizations that create meaningful new products, services and experiences for older adults. We deploy our marketing expertise, strategic distribution partners, portfolio synergies and an engaged network of advisors to help our partners grow smarter and faster.

Across healthcare, financial services, consumer and media sectors, Primetime understands how to engage older adults and win channel partners. This is only the beginning. The longevity economy is here.  

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The leading investment team in longevity tech.

Primetime Partners brings together a unique and powerful combination of investing experience, operational expertise and brand building know-how. In addition to our leadership, we are joined by a committed and active team of advisors, whose wisdom and network accelerate the growth of our portfolio.

Meet The Team

Why Now?

There is a seismic global shift in the composition of our population. The global population aged 60+ numbered 962 million in 2017 and is projected to double by 2050 to reach nearly 2.1 billion.


Older Adults control 60% of the US net worth and consumer spend.


There was over $2.3B invested into aging related startups in 2021 and 2022.


10,000 older adults turn 65 every day in the US.


There are an estimated $6B of Medicare benefits that go unused every year.

3 Seconds

An older American develops dementia every 3 seconds.


The average older adult will generate $138k in long term care expense.

Our Investment Focus

Healthcare Quality and Cost
The oldest person alive is 120 years old. We are investing in both preventative and acute care solutions designed with the latest understanding of how our bodies age.
Care Capacity
Family Caregivers provide an estimated $470B in unpaid care. Our companies will improve staff efficiency, expand care talent and reward professional and family care workers.
Healthcare Benefits Activation
There are an estimated $6B of healthcare benefits that go unused annually. We are investing in the platforms that help our healthcare system engage with their members and patients to drive healthy behaviors.
Aging in Place
77% of Seniors want to Age in Place. We are investing in the infrastructure and services to do so.
Financial Longevity
There will be an $80T transfer of wealth over the next 15 years and yet 50% of Americans will run out of money in their lifetime. We are investing in financial products and services to expand financial security.
Purpose & Experience
75% of older adults use social media and older adults are the fastest growing demographic on Facebook. We are the experts in reaching and engaging with this audience.

We support diverse founders from inception to scale.

Our Founders are from all backgrounds and industries, and share a common mission to change the status quo. 43% of our dollars have gone to founders of color and 46% have gone to female founders.

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Jessica McGlory


Grace Chang and Rima Seiilova-Olson


Bianca Padilla and Jonathan Magolnick

We support the best founders from inception to scale.

Our Founders are best in class, experienced professionals. They share a common mission to change the status quo. We share in this mission and believe this diverse group has to drive, which is why 40%+ of our dollars go to diverse founding teams.