We stand beside these amazing caregivers and innovators.

"Primetime Partners has been instrumental in helping us execute our go-to-market strategy and in preparation for enterprise partnerships across Medicaid and Medicaid Advantage plans. The Primetime Partners team has continued to be strong thought partners in our product design and marketing efforts too."
Cameron Carter
CEO, Rosarium Health
"Primetime understood our vision right from the very start and have been instrumental in supporting our growth through regular support across hiring, marketing, partnerships and overall strategic guidance. Abby and the team have been so considerate with their time and regularly check in to provide real value."
Sam Shear
CEO, Yes Hearing
"Abby and the Primetime Partner’s team have demonstrated tremendous knowledge and vision regarding the Aging sector, and have been the consummate partner to HCG Secure, as we have built our business!"
Tom Beauregard
Founder & CEO, HCG Secure
"Capital is one form of support; passion, ideas and active engagement is another. PrimeTime does more than provide capital. Their engagement with the problem we're trying to solve in securing a financial future for working Americans is next level."
Jean Smart
Founder & CEO, Penelope
"As founders looking to build a truly impactful business in an underserved category, Primetime's unique expertise in the aging and longevity space helped us tremendously with our early business strategy. Not only have they provided us with introductions to potential partners and customers, but they have also given us valuable insights on how to refine our business model for success and scale."
Lawrence Kosick
Co-Founder & President, GetSetUp
"Primetime Partners combines unparalleled industry knowledge alongside a deep connection to our team that impacts our strategy across every facet of the business. This close connection has empowered us to grow our team, develop our industry expertise, expand channels and increase revenue."
Tyler End
CEO, Retirable
"Primetime Partners' deep domain expertise, strong strategic instincts and in-the-trenches operational experience have been invaluable."
Brynn Putnam
Founders, Elderhood
"Primetime has been a true business partner with invaluable market and product insights that have informed our strategy in senior living."
Raghav Gupta
President, Butlr
"Primetime Partners has added tremendous value to Womaness through connecting us to many other companies that have helped amplify our message and also strategic guidance on our growth and where to invest from a marketing and talent perspective."
Sally Mueller
Co-Founder & CEO, Womaness
"Abby, Ray and team are always available to help answer all the questions an entrepreneur may have. They've seen and done it before so their advice and guidance is always a great sounding board for me as a founder."
Henry Yoshida
CEO & Co-Founder, Rocket Dollar
"Working with Primetime Partners keeps us at the forefront of healthspan longevity tech."
Kristy N. Berry
CEO, Cenegenics
"Primetime has been an invaluable partner to Aidaly at the earliest stage of building."
Margaret Norris
Founder & CEO, Aidaly

We stand beside these amazing teams.